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Dolores M.Esanu was hired last July to help a couple make their first purchase of a home.

Her clients had been married 3 yrs and had a child. It was witnessed that as the wife who was opening a retail store, went out of town for market. Dolores contacted her husband and wanted to meet at a potential home her clients may be interested in. As the husband arrived at the home of another clients home of hers, he was greeted to her wearing nothing but a coat and high heels on.

She made claims to the husband about his wife and said she had been cheating on him convincing hi he should leave her. As the night went on she showed the house to him and when seeing the master suite she laid on the bed naked and then had sex with him on the homeowners bed. The homeowners once aquatinted with Dolores came home to her scattering around trying to find and put on her coat. They fired her on the spot but declined to report her as she cried and begged them not to in fear of loosing her job and not being able to feed and take care of her parents who are immigrants from Romania, which was false as they need no help financially from her.

Mean while the young married couple separated, leading to divorce after the wife discovered this adulterous act leaving their daughter in a broken home an the wife havin a mental breakdown that led to her being treated at UAMS. Since then, Dolores hasn't stopped trying to make his wife out publicly in blogs etc making the wife out to be a villain when in reality she is the victim and not the only one Dolores has pursued. This is the 3 act of misconduct by Dolores Esanu. She recently left town after it was revealed that she had also been sleeping w another realtor who happened to be her best friend's husband in the same scenario.

She has since returned and the slander and defamation of her former client hasn't stopped, making both households file keep away orders due to her stalking and telling the daughter of this couple her mommy left her and she would be her new mommy?! She has even been placed in a divorce agreement signed by both parties that she cannot be on the property or have contact with the couple and their daughter. Attorneys of hot springs have spoken out against her claiming they had been tricked by her, stating she had to leave the previous town she lived in due to the same act. Only going after clients with money or attorneys to help keep her out of court.

This has to be stopped. Hot springs is a very small town and she has been a nightmare since arriving and still hasn't received any consequences and we all want to know why and who do we need to contact to save this from destroying another family... She has to be stopped and we wanna know how and when this will stop.

She clearly needs to seek help.

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Also u must need a job...We all are working and make actual money don't have get on our knees for it..

Check facts... This is truly sad and worse it's still being talked about. This effects the many families and women's lives she tried to hurt.

She's no victim but a villian at best..So she thinks

Longmont, Colorado, United States #1093169

UNEEDUAMS...She lost all her lake Hamilton friends FYI due to the same non sense posted...

She herself got fired and never had a real lic. Is on every drug around and now is sleeping w a married attorney at a law firm his dad owns and shocker she JUST GOT A JOB AS HIS ASSisant..... Ask the families how they feel.. I've witnessed her 1st hand stalk, make calls to schools of the children, make false reports, the list is endless!

Do your homework... And stop getting on here Dolores we all know what your doing and still try to do.. Half the comments she's made or had friends make. We grew up together and I was always there for her.

She's her own worst enemy and feeds off drama and married men? It's sick and the lengths she goes to... Well it's very clear on here..

She fooled me since 9th grade then I caught her w my man too!Watch out u could be next


Hey Santa too bad it's not gossip...This happened.

We live in a small town and this was very sad but true!! MS. ESANU has been fired and never had a license to begin with... She's a fraud and that's an understatement..

Why don't u ask the victims... Ever seen the movie fatal attraction..

Wish this was gossip I truly do.Unfortunately it's not and a plethora of families have been torn and some re built some not due to her and her lies and moraless self..


What rediculous gossip. Mind your own business.

Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States #792100

I hope you at least got paid for 500 word essay above cause it don't sound very genuine to me.I went to LH with her, she'd give kids her last dolla just to help buy them a candy bar.

So what if she grew up with "immigrant" parents. Sayin' that she didn't have nothing growing up makes me sick bc obviously u got all this time to stir up a story and must have no idea what it means to work. U got a sad life lady. Making up soap operas is pathetic but making fun that she grew up without means just makes you a worthless human.

Regardless of the rest of this made up BS. I'd rather have her life over yours any day. Im almost 100% She's out there working while you go on' and give yoself a good ole pat on the back for making this up.

Spendin' energy into somethin' that well, *** makes you look bad and you still didn't GET PAID.

Gulf Shores, Alabama, United States #792092

Wait, you're saying the wife went back to the man after all of this?So why are you blaming the real estate woman for?

If a man caused me that much grief to the point of a "mental" breakdown, and involving my child, I would never take him back. You sound like you are the one with the problem. Because How many times have we heard the "trench coat and heels" story growing up and 2.)It takes two to tango, why aren't you slamming him for not wanting his wife and causing her so much "grief". Listen to how ignorant you sound.

Blaming a woman and her employment on a consumer site is just plain ignorant on your part.

At the end of the day, you sound like you got something against this person.Plus, He still might be keeping her around for all you know.

to JUSTLM Springfield, Missouri, United States #792106

Serious ---> He woulda got served too.If it were true.

Just another angry human looking to hate on someone is about as real as it gets.

Tampa, Florida, United States #791791

This is some crazy lady that sounds jealous she should be ashamed.You had to go to a hospital because of her?

No I think you already have problems. She is a great realtor.

Your failed marriage has nothing to do with her job.Lies.


Useless gossip.

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #791647

There is a pending investigation against the person(s) involved with the submission of this post among other forms of written nature compromising intellectual property online involving untrue, slanderous and false material. The legal business name of Hot Springs Realty is aware and further investigating the parties involved in cooperation with falsifying the independent contractor: Maria Dolores Esanu and the entity of Hot Springs Realty itself.

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